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Welcome to The Black Book

Your ultimate guide to everything digital and magic.

Today is the official unveiling of both our new brand, Black Magic, and our new blog, The Black Book. Click around our mystical site for more insight into what we do and what we’re about. We’re here to tell you how it all started and why we conjured Black Magic.

What is Black Magic?

Imagine the most beautiful website you’ve ever seen. The detail and thought behind every click and animation is unbelievable. You can’t even begin to fathom how long it must’ve taken or what kind of hocus pocus they used to make it all happen. You think to yourself as your cursor reveals a new dazzling title, “what is this sorcery?”

It’s all about Black Magic. No one really knows what goes on behind the marvel and glimmer of a stunning website. We use Black Magic to turn even your wildest clickable dreams into working code. Our passion for creating unique web experiences allows us to bring even your most intricate visions to life. If anyone asks how you did it, just tell them it was the work of Black Magic.

Why do you need Black Magic?

While there is an abundance of creative designers out there, many lack the technical expertise to bring their complex visions to life. With our knowledge and eye for design combined, we’re in a unique position to bring these ideas to life while also understanding how it all converts into code. Nowadays, many websites are boring and derivative, and we’re as tired of templates as you are. Don’t sacrifice individuality with ease-of-use; consider us your new techie bffs who can bring you the best of both worlds. Designers are extremely detail-oriented, and while most developers can hardly read the mind of a designer, we’re here to disrupt the norm. Avoid design details getting lost in translation with someone who only knows code. Instead, trust us as your bridge from dreams to reality.

Not only is our passion making dreams come true, it’s also making lives easier. We understand the needs of our partners, your clients, and their users. No website stays the same forever, so our thoughtful developers plan for the present and future. We understand the importance of not only building a beautiful website but maintaining it too. This is why we integrate our sites with a CMS that ensures your 24-7 ease of use. Poof! Worries be gone. Say hello to our custom crafted tool that adds value not stress. We’re not fortune tellers, but our full-proof magic will keep you free of all bad juju.

Our history in a parallel universe

In our past life, we were on the other side of the curtain at our sister branding studio, Alloy. Here we designed beautiful brands and websites, but disaster would soon arise. Whenever we had to send out website mockups to distant contractors, communication was difficult. Having two teams on the same job slowed down the entire process. The working websites rarely came back to us as expected because developers would struggle to execute our needs without sacrificing our design. Here we discovered the great urgency for a one-stop magical website shop. Abracadabra! Black Magic was conjured.

Our culture at Black Magic

Black Magic is a dreamy space for creativity and learning. Located at The Silos at Sawyer Yards, a creative campus and conglomerate of 300+ artists, our team is surrounded by a diverse array of creatives every day. We take inspiration from all of the different art around us, including new apps and trends shaking up our world wide web. No late adopters here! We’re a cosmic concoction of design, technology, and magic. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (peep the emojis), but we do take our work and our clients seriously. Get ready for true inspiration, wisdom, and a surplus of memes to come.

Also, we love coffee, so let’s meet and introduce ourselves. Connect with your new techie bffs today by sending us a DM (IG, FB, TW), email, or love letter.

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