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Choose Your Own Adventure: Top unique places to remote work in Houston

Some offices are beautifully intricate, with nap pods and ping pong tables galore. Some hardly feel like an office — mere rooms with a few tables and chairs to make do. Whether your space is double-tap worthy or not, I can tell you how to get a beautiful workspace you love today (with no magic necessary). Great people of the Internet, the secret solution to all of your office woes is right in front of you. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “the world is your oyster”. Well imagine this: the world is your office. I’m talking about cute new coffee shops and sleek new food halls — anything and everything your heart has ever desired.

Here’s to a win-win situation: you can support local businesses and have a new “office” every other day. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to work in a boho-chic wonderland versus a mid-century modern dream, just Google it and commence your trial-and-error workday assessments with no fear of commitment. There’s public workspaces all around that you can take pride in no matter what your current relationship status is with your office. Maybe it’s the forever wanderlusting Gemini in me speaking, but I truly believe every person could use an occasional change of scenery. Creative funks and slumps are few and far between when you’re constantly surrounding yourself with new and inspiring places and people. Even the most glimmering workplaces get old, so why not take advantage of all your city has to offer. For Black Magic, we luckily reside in the awesome city of Houston — where being known for diversity and good food means endless workspace possibilities.

Here’s my list of top 5 unique places in H-Town that’ll keep your creative juices flowing (3 of which are fairly new):

  1. Understory - This gorgeous new space is a cool breath of fresh air in the midst of Downtown Houston’s ongoing hustle and bustle. Shoutout to our very own office creators, Sawyer Yards, for this new underground gem. Understory boasts of beautiful architecture and design that would make any modern artist’s heart soar. From the eye-catching jewel toned couches and cascading steps of (uber useful) outlets to the wide array of tables and hip food options, it has all the ingredients of an epic workspace. If you’re a city-person that thrives in the high energy of passionate dreamers and makers around you at all times, look no further than this happening new spot.

    Via Houston Chronicle
  2. Wonderland - It no doubt lives up to its name — known for its dreamy aesthetic of ethereal, flower-filled walls and delicious fresh-brewed teas and coffees daily. Escape the city in this magical, whimsical garden that radiates cozy warmth and wonder. Beyond looking like an Instagram blogger’s dream, it’s actually my personal favorite spot for maximum productivity. This one is a top recommendation, as I find it to be the one cafe that gets it when it comes to good, non-disruptive lofi work music. Sound is always kept at that perfect sweet spot —- the barely there volume level that feels cozy yet just stimulating enough to keep your brain moving and grooving. I’m a huge fan of the Dark Roasted Oolong Milk Tea with Grass Jelly for some major energy fuel.

    Wonderland Coffee Houston
    Via Yelp
  3. Café Poètes - If you’re currently lacking the travel funds to get away to Paris from Texas quick (hold the Paris, TX jokes please), check out this fabulous cafe that is my favorite way to escape the 24-7 chaos of our World Wide Web. Potentially controversial — it’s a laptop-free zone. I know what you’re thinking, how are you supposed to get anything done in this old-school cafe? Given that all other places on this list are free wi-fi friendly, I thought it would be smart to offer a unique option for more fundamental types of work. Fancy a collaborative brainstorm session or a few hours of sketching — what better way to refocus than the light and airy world of French baked goods and tea time? This breathtaking spot provides a much-needed break from our nonstop world. Endless bookshelves and delicate details create a truly special atmosphere, so you can lose track of time in the best way possible. Fleshing out exciting ideas on good ol’ fashioned pen and paper rejuvenates the mind, as sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones. Comme c'est magique!

    Caffe Poetes
    Via Instagram @htown.ig
  4. A 2nd Cup - Here’s to sipping coffee with a cause. A 2nd Cup will always hold a very special spot in my heart, as I’m inspired by its founding mission to help survivors of human trafficking, one cup at a time. Houston is infamously the #1 city in America overun with modern slavery, and instead of hiding away in ignorance or personal comfort — this coffee shop chooses to never shy away from the fight for freedom. A 2nd Cup is a nonprofit that uses its space to promote collaboration and awareness and its funds to support survivors and anti-trafficking organizations. The walls are filled with moving facts about human trafficking that are designed to make warriors out of fellow citizens. If you’re not already sold on these compassionate origins, note that it’s a space filled with impact-driven movers and shakers that’ll continually encourage you to create fearlessly. Side note: their hot chocolate is probably my favorite around the town, thus far.

    2nd Cup
    Via Instagram @a2ndcup
  5. Whole Foods - This last choice may come as a surprising plot twist to a few of you. More than a mere grocery store for hipsters — Whole Foods offers a not-so-secret, awesome study area as well. My location of choice is the two-story Post Oak Whole Foods which has a workspace beautifully nestled on the second floor. Besides the obvious surplus of food and drink options that allow for an all-day productivity power session, the wall of huge windows provides copious amounts of energizing natural light or cozy rainy day ambience (depending on the day). There’s something genuinely warm and comforting about being tucked away in a lowkey, upstairs corner of a lively grocery store. Whether it’s people watching or easy access to fresh pizza that motivates you, Whole Foods is the perfect go-to for all your cool office needs.

    Whole Foods
    Via Instagram @laura.harness

If you’ve been searching for an exquisite space to call your (temporary) office, look no further than one of these special spots. With each choice comes a different, unique adventure, so it’s up to you to match your mood to the place. At Black Magic, we care about every detail of an awesome experience — whether it’s digital or physical. We’re always looking for magic in the world (and trying to add it wherever absent). If you’re looking to recharge your creative juices or add some zest to your next remote work day, look no further than at the beautiful world around you. Why leave new adventures and explorations exclusively to the weekend? Carpe diem every single day of your week because an office a day keeps inactivity away.

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