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Making the interneta happier place

When there’s enough chaos in the world, we find cause to color it with kindness and good juju. “Making the Internet a Happier Place” is more than just a catchy tagline, it’s our chosen code to live by. We’re on a mission to empower our bffs and spread happiness, good juju, and magic all across the World Wide Web.

Accesible experiences

At the end of the day, we all just want to feel connected. To experience life and all its wonders with another is an experience all in its own right and that’s why, at Black Magic, we choose to build experiences that are accessible for all. We’re replacing FOMO with universal inclusion, by ensuring that every one of our websites is crafted with each individual user in mind – no matter their impairments, restrictions, or disabilities. Your unique brand stories deserve to be shared, so let’s work together to make the World Wide Web a welcome place for all. We have a lot more to say about accessibility and how you can join us on this quest, so you can read everything in depth here.

Sharing the tricks
of the trade

Who are your Techie BFFs? We’re masters of the web and lovers of friendship and magic. Our ever-changing tech industry keeps us constantly curious about the next big innovation. Learning a better process, discovering hidden gems, and finding new tools excites us. All while on this mystical journey, we find our truest joy in sharing what we learned with the awesome people around us. We’re here to empower our community with knowledge, so don’t be a stranger! Call or slide into our DMs anytime, even if it’s just to share a quality new meme.

Happy times
and good juju

While no two days are the same in our mystic domain, one thing remains true no matter what: we like to have fun. Our studio is part of the biggest community of artists in America, Sawyer Yards, and we always welcome BFFs to our Happy HQ. So join us on our next happy hour at Buff Brew or on our next “art break" around the campus. We’re connoisseurs of culture and all the good juju. After hours, you can find us mastering the violin, exploring new food halls, and filming our next YouTube masterpiece; because our desire to make magic isn’t limited by the typical 9 to 5. That’s why we’re constantly spreading good juju to every corner of the internet.

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