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We’re your techie BFFs

Our Place
the Stars

Once lost in the place where design and development had always been two separate entities, we called upon the mystic powers of the universe to conjure Black Magic: a one-stop shop for extraordinary online experience. Through our extensive technical expertise, unparalleled eye for design, and obsession for detail, we mastered the process of translating intricate designs into seamless working code. Now the stars have aligned for us to meet, so say hello to your techie bffs.

Our Philosophy

Philosophy card 3

We are

experienced developers, designers, marketers, and strategists who know when to take informed risks to ensure the success of a project

Philosophy card 4

We think

in terms of technology and design, we dream in code, and use our expertise to solve even the most mystifying problems

Philosophy card 2

We know

what our partners need because we’ve been on their side of the table — you can trust us to have your back, time and time again

Philosophy card 1

We care

about your clients’ online experience and we put users first to create dazzling websites that work for their wants and needs

Philosophy card 5

We believe

in making the internet a happier place and it’s why we love what we do


Based in Houston but built on origins that extend across the universe. No two people are alike at Black Magic. What brings us together is passion and pride in creating something extraordinary.


Jorge Robles

Director of Innovation and Technology


Jorge Sosa

Full-Stack Web Developer


Tiffany Nguyen

Digital Marketing Specialist


Anuar Reyes

Full-Stack Web Developer


Dianyela Maldonado

Full-Stack Web Developer


Arisbeth Hernández

Full-Stack Web Developer


Manu Reyes

Full-Stack Web Developer




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